REGULAR COACHING CLINIC: $50 + park entry for one hour of coaching with our professional riders and an hour of free-ride time. Our coaching clinics are held every Saturday morning at 10am by appointment only, please make sure you call us beforehand to book your spot!

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: $100 per hour + park entry. One-on-one coaching is by appointment only. If you’re keen to sharpen your skills in a private coaching session with a professional rider please call us to arrange a session.

SCOOTER SCHOOL: Looking for something to do in Brisbane these school holidays? If you just love to ride your scooter then Scooter School is for you! Full-day programs that include coaching, games, activities, giveaways and food. Details for our Scooter School programs vary each school term, so keep your eyes on our Instagram & Facebook pages to stay up to date!

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Founded in 2015, The Village is a renowned indoor skatepark in Brisbane with a worldwide reputation.